It Begins.

The time has come.  Twelve hours from now, I will get on a plane and fly 8500 miles.  New Zealand awaits and I am eager to see what lies ahead.  I am excited, nervous, anxious, geeked, jazzed, and jonsed for this adventure.  Part of my trip preparation involved reading anything I could get my hands on related to New Zealand, so naturally I found an indispensable resource.  Wellington, the capital of NZ, where I will be taking classes has a great rep:

boring person: I live in a capital city.
coolest person: I live in Wellington, NZ.

Boo ya.  While I look to the future, I have had time to think about the events that have led to this moment in time.  The following is a “what inspires me” list.  The culmination of all these has welled up in me a desire to go do.  To act. To live.

The Buried Life

The Buried Life-Photo

The question is simple, “What do you want to do before you die?”  These four guys attack their dreams with creative passion that stops for no one.  Additionally, for every item the guys cross off their own list, they help a stranger cross something off theirs.  If they can ask out the girl of their dreams, crash a parade, streak a soccer game, and help out others along the way, what’s to limit what I can do?

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

MillionMilesCover3d_TransparentBkng_2001.png (200×258)

Donald Miller’s latest book deals with story.  More specifically that life is a story, we are the players, and have the power to choose what kind of story we want to tell.  I want to have a story worth telling.  On his blog, he wrote of the danger of waiting for a story to happen to us, rather than taking an active role in pursuing a formidable and worthwhile story. “Or worse, we are praying and asking God to give us a story while the entire time God is handing us a pen, telling us to write it ourselves. That’s why he gave us a will.” This thinking has led me to act and then see how, through that path, God can use it.

The Four Hour Workweek

4HourWorkWeekBook.jpg (106×160)

I read this book on the beach with great company and a beautiful ocean to keep my senses stimulated.  Some pearls that stuck with me: Less is not laziness.  The timing is never right.  Relative income is more important than absolute income.  Conquering fear = defining fear.  Being effective vs. being efficient.  By the end of it, I was struck with a very carpe diem sense of optimism.  The bit about defining fear was especially encouraging.  A nightmare is still a dream, and dreams must be named, the good and the bad, if there is to be change.

Jay Pathak’s Message from Breathe 2009



Jay spoke about Matthew 14, where Jesus walked on water and Peter stepped out of the boat and took two steps toward him before beginning to sink.  What Jay said has stuck with me ever since, “The question isn’t if you’ll fail–you will fail.  But do you want to fail like the eleven in the boat, or like the one on the water?”

Born to Run

Born+to+Run+book.png (136×200)

The people in this book do not merely run.  They are running people.  The passion and invitation for all that running brings–elation, exhaustion, accomplishment, pain, satisfaction, and deep contentment–is a part of who they are.  They run because they can.  Because it is what they know.  Because it is what they were born to do.  When talent and passion line up, it is a beautiful thing.

Playing for Change

Playing+for+change.jpg (188×188)

This musical endeavour  is inspiring.  It spans the globe, language, and time and ends in this beautiful culmination of musical and interpersonal harmony.  Figuring out the logistics of these videos must be astounding, but the end result is an undeniable thing of beauty.  I like music.  I like people.  I like the two of these working together to speak to anyone who might hear.

These things inspire me.  The collection of all these ideas and works has instilled in me a longing to act, to go out and see these things for myself: the creative energies, talents, stories, and dreams of the world.  New Zealand, what will you teach me?

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One Response to It Begins.

  1. Christen (your cousin) says:

    woow. your thing on the breathe really made me think. and its a really good point. how do you want to fail. so thanks for that glenn! (: im praying for you this whole trip! i love you(:

    christen (:<3

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